Christopher Cox Talk with Rachel Bates

Martyn White

Posted on July 25 2017

During London Craft Week, Rachel Bates invited guests to the Cox showroom for a conversation with Christopher Cox.

London Craft week is an exciting time of the year where creative brands and designers open the doors to their showrooms and workshops across London for a series of talks, workshops and events for the public to attend. With so many crafts, it is very difficult to see the work, skill and processes that go into the production of a design. With this in mind, Rachel Bates invited guests to the Cox London showroom on Ebury Street to meet with one of the founders, Christopher Cox as he discusses the processes of design to complete one of their captivating works of art.

Christopher Cox Cox LondonChristopher Cox and Rachel BatesCox London Event Creating and Designing Furniture Cox London Event with Rachel Bates and Christopher Cox

With samples and casts of the Bronze Fawn dining chair, Vine Root side table and Moifaa console table on display for guests to feel and interact with, many were left stunned by the level of detail and skill required just to complete one small piece of a design. Whether it is the wax casts created to shape the Moifaa console table legs, a process that has to be recreated each and every time, or the knots and roots of the Vine Root table that are sculpted and shaped in clay and then cast by lost wax process into Bronze, it is not just the concept and finished product that tells a story, it is the craft that sets it on a journey. 

For a visual tour of the workshop and showroom, click to visit my earlier post 'Cox London Workshop Visit' and for coverage of the Ebury Street showroom opening, click to visit 'Cox London Showroom Opening'  


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