Bisazza: Alessandro Mendini

Martyn White

Posted on July 13 2017

Think you know mosaic tiles? Bisazza will make you think again...

As I am sure you all know by now, I love Bisazza and I love a good event. Combining the two was always going to be a mixture for success and I could not wait to attend to discover what was going on with the brand. Over the past year, I have grown to love this company and its designs more that I thought physically possible. This is a brand that dares to be bold, testing the boundaries of tiles and of perception. During their latest event, the team put on a show to reveal a very special design on display at their London flagship showroom in Kensington. With cocktails in hand and something very sparkly in the room to attract my attention, it was time to meet Alessandro Mendini's "Giacca", an enormous suit jacket sculpture made entirely from 24 karat gold mosaic tiles.

Alessandro Mendini Bisazza gold tile suit sculptureAlessandro Mendini Bisazza gold tiled suit sculptureAlessandro Mendini Bisazza 24 carat gold tiles

A current series of nine designs, each dazzling sculpture represents an element of the contemporary man: his face, glove, shoe, evening jacket, neoclassical tea cup, bedside lamp, briefcase, Borsalino cap and a star. These are quite often small objects that one becomes accustomed to, however, singled out and blown out of proportion, each object becomes a representation of everyday life and what man has become known for. Perched on top of uniform grey metal cabinets, and covered in mesmerising gold tiles, the sculptures of everyday and familiar objects are transformed into the very opposite, works of art that you can literally stare at for hours on end.

Golden suit jacket sculpture BisazzaGold tile suit jacket Alessandro MendiniBisazza 24 carat gold tiles

An ever expanding project that has continued for over ten years and forms part of the permanent collection at the Bisazza Foundation, Limited Editions by Alessandro Mendini is an example to the multiple layers that this incredible brand has and the levels of design that it pushes to reach. After a single visit to Bisazza, you will start to question what a mosaic tile is and the capabilities that it can achieve, a building block to creating art in the home. 

Click to view the official websites for Bisazza UK and the Bisazza Foundation

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