Andrew Martin: Walton Street Showroom

Martyn White

Posted on August 09 2018

Exploring the exciting and characterful designs in the Andrew Martin showroom on Walton Street, London.

There is nothing quite as exciting than exploring a treasure trove of design and unearthing beautiful pieces nestled amongst one another. Visiting the Andrew Martin showroom for the very first time, I was overwhelmed by the character, charm and eccentricity of the space. Too often, we walk into clinical environments where items and designs present themselves with no backstory; they are just beautiful items ready to be inserted into our lives for us to love and cherish. There is nothing wrong with that concept of retail, especially when one knows immediately what they want. It is only when visiting a showroom such as Andrew Martin that a shopping experience turns into an exciting discovery quest and this is when you honestly understand a brand.  

Andrew Martin Showroom LondonAndrew Martin Showroom LondonAndrew Martin Showroom with large cow sculpture LondonAndrew Martin Showroom London  Coloured Bottles

Set out across two floors with an additional pop-up shop next door aptly named 'Andrew Martin White' (showcasing white furniture, upholstery and accessories), the showroom contains everything you could possibly imagine for the home. Walking into the space, guests are greeted in true Andrew Martin style with a flashing, colour-changing logo set into the floor. Two style rooms are set out to either side, essentially two giant window displays that attract the attention from the street allowing visitors to engage and become part of the moment. To the left, the room has been set out in a traditional style with decorative chests, an oversized coat of arms and vibrant upholstered sofas and armchairs, packed full of colourful cushion designs. To the right, the show space takes on a darker contemporary tone with graffitied walls, stainless steel cactus sculptures and monochromatic leather upholstered seating. 

Andrew Martin Showroom London  50s ArtworkAndrew Martin Showroom London  vibrant furniture designsAndrew Martin Showroom London  vibrant cushion designsAndrew Martin Showroom London

The central part of the store is where the jaws drop, housing an entire wall of multi-coloured cushions, rotating over-sized barber's pole, large wooden monkey and even a white cast sculpture of a cow. Surrounded by small and quirky accessories, the layout and design promote one to pick up, touch and engage with the products on display. Smaller room sets group pieces by style such as the comic book corner mimicking the bold hues of the Batman wall art through colourful glasses, lamps and fabrics. There is also a 50's show section that displays neon artworks, Elvis artwork and adverts reminiscent of 50's glamour. 

Upstairs, past an impressive collection of neon artworks, sees a focus on fabric with the brand launching the Houdini collection, a range of thirty-five stain resistant velvet colours that can withstand anything from coffee to ketchup, washed away with soap and water. There are also exciting collaborative designs with Award-winning interior designer and creative director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit Kemp.

Andrew Martin IGTV Showroom Tour

A video tour of the Andrew Martin showroom can be found over on the Martyn White Designs IGTV platform. For further details on the brand and the locations of their showrooms, click to view the official Andrew Martin website. 


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