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Martyn White

Posted on July 15 2019

Discovering the design process and skill behind Aiveen Daly's impressive decorative designs with a workshop and studio event.

A specialist upholstery studio located in North West London, Aiveen Daly covers a vast number of projects from decorative fabric artworks to upholstery on superyachts. Having become familiar with Daly's work through projects such as Oliver Burns' Beau House and the incredible blue handcrafted dining chairs, I had to incredible opportunity to visit the studio for an exclusive workshop event to discover the skill and craftsmanship that go into the creation of a design and to meet with Aiveen Daly herself as she talks us through the processes.

Aiveen Daly Fabric Workshop LondonAiveen Daly Fabric Workshop LondonAiveen Daly Fabric Workshop London

The studio is a great space that showcases the ability and diverse work that can be created by Aiveen and her team. Intricate fabric artworks hang on the walls in a series of luxurious fabrics, each one telling a unique story, showcasing the many types of beading, pleating, finishes and effects that are possible to achieve the client's desired requirements. Upstairs, the tables were set to give us visitors an insight into just three techniques that the studio use in some of their work. 

Sitting down, we started on the first technique which was heat applied beading. Using a variety of shapes and sizes, we had to individually apply each bead to a clear backing using a template. While it does not sound like much, I was surprised at just how time-consuming and fiddly the process was. This is fine for the simple works that we completed but on a large scale consuming an entire wall, the application can take weeks at a time.

Aiveen Daly Fabric Workshop LondonAiveen Daly Fabric Workshop LondonAiveen Daly Fabric Workshop London

Our second process replicates that seen in the studio's 'Oyster' work, threading hundreds to thousands of suede discs together to create a beautifully textured effect that elegantly reveals delicate Swarovski pearls nestled between. Finally, the third technique was to create textured fabric flowers, using discs of petals and finely cutting a length of fabric which is twisted to produce the pistil of the flower.

The workshop was a huge success and it was fascinating to learn about the level of detail and craft that goes into every single commission. I would like to thank Aiveen for taking the time to share with us her knowledge and passions.

For further information on the studio, click to view the official Aiveen Daly website.


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