Surface Design Show 2016

Martyn White

Posted on February 29 2016

The Surface design show is the perfect place to discover innovative materials, beautiful textures and gather inspiration on how to use these surfaces within many different types of spaces. This year's show was full of incredible brands with incredibly creative surfaces and solutions. Take a look below at my visit to the show and just a few of my favorite discoveries.

The stand that I was first attracted to was Metalier. The beautiful effects above are created with liquid metal, allowing a designer to create designs and finishes that have been incredibly difficult, if not impossible to create before. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars and even in the home, this liquid metal can be applied to virtually any substance to create an incredible and seamless metal finish. 

Living Walls Plant walls Surface design show London

For anyone that has been following my social media, you will know that I have a passion and deep love for living walls. We are seeing these breathtaking walls pop up everywhere, from the outside of buildings such as Victoria, shops like M&S, hotels, restaurants and even in the home. Turning disused spaces into incredible features of greenery, Scotscape has definitely made its way to the top of my list of incredible and unique brands. 

Textures and surfaces from the surface design show

The whole show exhibited incredible materials in so many unique and striking ways. It was a great way to get stuck in and feel the surfaces and textures. The stand above was a favourite for the senses being able to interact with a range of materials from lost living moss, touching smooth woods and seeing the light reflect off colourful, sparkly and angled surfaces. 

Stunning traditional style plasterwork at the Surface Design Show

A popular stand of the evening was from Panel | Piedra, imaged above. These designs worked incredibly well with lighting, creating a very dramatic and captivating look. Beautiful examples of shapes and patterns that can be cast to create features that you would not only expect on the ceiling, but perfect on walls, ever changing with mood and lighting. 

Striking textures featured at the Surface Design Show London

There will be no surprise to hear that wood had a massive presence at the show. What surprised me was just how many different styles and uses were on display. A widely photographed surface was the multi coloured wooden cladding that you can see above. It is great to see a huge demand for reclaimed and refurbished wood. A material that is so widely used and discarded has so much beauty and an extreme amount of uses, even in replicating other materials such as metal and stone!

Traditional lighting design surface design show London

Modern lighting and finishes from the Surface Design Show

The show really does cover every angle from the classic flooring and wall cladding to the environmentally friendly and futuristic. It was such a pleasure attending and I would definitely recommend a visit whether you are looking for material inspiration, developing contacts and discussing trade. Technology is always evolving and it is great to see that our interiors, surfaces and materials are doing the same too!

If you would like to discover more about the Surface Design Show and find out when it will next be exhibiting. Click HERE to view the official website.

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