LINLEY Launches the Girih Collection Event

Martyn White

Posted on May 29 2016

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, LINLEY hosted a party in the one way they know how, luxuriously! With over 250 people on the guest list, the flagship store and showroom was full of demonstrations, luxury designs, drinks and canapés. Coinciding with their anniversary celebrations was the launch of the Girih collection, beautiful designs inspired by the Islamic geometric pattern with the centrepiece, a stunning treasure chest. 

Topaz crystal tumblers part of the Girih collection from LINLEY Amber coloured crystal glasses from LINLEY

The full collection consists of crystal glasses in aquamarine and topaz with matching decanters, hand painted candles, jewellery box, treasure chest, rug and keyrings, each inspired by the impressive Islamic style and pattern. To read the full review and feature on this magnificent collection, click to view the article "LINLEY Launches the Girih Collection" to discover more. 

Luxury blue islamic inspired marquetry from the LINLEY Girih collection

Famed for their beautiful and intricate marquetry, the team at LINLEY gave guests the chance to try it out themselves, with an expert on hand to discuss the whole process from the design to the application and finishes used to finish each product. As you can see from the images below, I thought I would have a go at it myself and was impressed how a traditional skill has been adapted to the modern day with the use of laser cut materials, making each piece fit together exactly with the next. 

Martyn White learning marquetry at LINLEY's 30th anniversary celebration

It was not only LINLEY's work that was on display for us all to admire, it was also London Craft Week and LINLEY had been using its flagship store as a platform to display artists work such as David Degreef-Mounier's incredible wooden art installations that have been carved into intricate designs and shapes and then lightly charred to expose the patterns of the wood grain, creating a very unique sculpture. 

Wooden artwork and carpentry on display at LINLEY3d Printed vase artwork on display at LINLEY

Another artist's work on display was the fascinating an vibrant 3D printed designs from Michael Eden. Allowing him to create the impossible, latest technologies have opened up a new world of design allowing to create sculptures that would be impossible to create by hand. The 30th anniversary celebration was one that I will never forget, exhibiting the finest in luxury design and sharing it with extreme fans of the brand. It has been an incredible thirty years and I want to congratulate the LINLEY team on such a fantastic achievement. I look forward to what the next thirty hold. 


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