London Design Week: Opening Event

Martyn White

Posted on March 27 2016

Celebrating the start of London Design Week 2016, I was invited to join Harlequin and Cox London along with John Cullen at their lighting showroom on Kings Road to meet the team, see some of the best lighting design on the market and of course, celebrate in style. Below are just a few of the highlights from the event, plus my very first Periscope live tour of the showroom and live lighting demonstration by the team.

John Cullen Showroom and London Design Week event

Set across three floors, the showroom had such a variety of products and designs on display ranging from futuristic table lighting and opulent chandeliers  to coloured glassware and grand vases. Using Periscope for the first time, I decided to give a live tour of the event to capture what was going on and share it with my followers. You can see the live tour video below. 

One of my favourite designs from the evening had to be the discovery of the bright blue chandelier from Harlequin (imaged above). Contained within a wooden frame, suspended above a mirrored floor, it was such a beautiful way to bring the chandelier down to eye level to experience the intricate beauty of this design. Another favourite experience of the event was the lighting demonstration by the team in the video below. Even for someone such as myself who is obsessed with lighting, I was amazed to see just how much impact each scene had on the space. 

The whole evening was fantastic, it has definitely gone down as one of my favourites. With such a fantastic team on hand, it was a pleasure to get to meet and chat with a few. A huge thank you to John Cullen Lighting, Cox London, Harlequin and Decorum for the opportunity to discover so many incredible products and meet such lovely people.

If you would like to find out more about the brands and products, click on the links to visit the JOHN CULLEN, HARLEQUIN and COX LONDON websites. I would also recommend a visit to the Kings Road showroom to discover the many different types of lighting and the best ways to use them.

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