2LG Collaboration with Secret Linen

Martyn White

Posted on March 20 2016

In early March I joined Jordan And Russell, more widely known as the 2 Lovely Gays at the launch of their design collaboration with Secret Linen producing three very unique and incredibly beautiful bedding designs. You can see below some of the images from the evening plus a look into the three designs launched in the range. 

Silver print bedding and duvet design

2LG Two Lovely Gays


As the name would suggest, this very elegant design has similarities in look to the surface of the moon. With a slightly soft and metallic appearance, Moon is a design that would compliment almost any space. The design and finish is simple enough, allowing you to dress the surrounding space with any colour of preference but also strong enough to stand as a feature by itself if preferred. (imaged above)

It was a fantastic evening that also gave me a chance to meet and catch up with some of the best interior design and lifestyle bloggers in the business! It is always incredibly exciting to discover what projects people are up to and discuss our favourite topic of all time, interior design. Other than seeing Jordan and Russell's product launch, it was a chance for them to showcase their latest project, the renovation of the house we were visiting. I cannot wait to see the project unfold and see the finished design!

baby blue luxury bedding collaboration with 2LG and Secret Linen

Mary baby blue bedding collection


My favourite design from the collection is Mary. Named after the previous owner of the house they are renovating, Mary was inspired by the original decoration of the property. Giving the design a contemporary twist and a beautiful baby blue colour,  this style as it has a mix of masculinity and femininity, making it the perfect choice in a wide range of spaces and styles. (imaged above)

pink bedding designs from 2LG

Pink duvet collaboration with 2LG and Secret Linen


The third and final design in the collection is Florence, a marbled pink bedding set full of elegance and grace. I really loved how this was set out in the room. It is a design that can be layered up with other shades of pink to create a full feature to a space or kept minimal to amplify the soft and calming presence that this design has. 

I would like to thank Russell and Jordan for inviting me to the event, it was such a beautiful evening, I even got to meet Buckley! If you would like to discover more on the collection, click HERE to visit the Secret Linen store to find out more!

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