Masterpiece 2019: Opera Gallery

Martyn White

Posted on June 30 2019

Opera Gallery exhibits their collection of modern and contemporary art at the 2019 edition of Masterpiece located at the Royal Chelsea Hospital.

Founded by Gilles Dyan in 1994, the brand is a gallery of international dealers and representatives for Modern and Contemporary Art. Situated in prime locations such as New York, Miami, London, Paris, Monaco and Hong Kong to name a few, It has become one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary European, American and Asian art. 

Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019

An impressive display of Manolo Valdés' work can be seen on the stand from the bronze sculpture 'Reina Mariana' with the vibrant collage of 'Matisse Como Pretexto' in the background to the striking head sculptures adorned with beautiful and brutalist headpieces, many introducing a form of expression that combines political and social obligations with humor and irony.

Taking centre stage on the stand is Alex Katz' 'Corinne' (last image above), oil on canvas painting that immediately draws attention to the centre of the Opera Gallery space with its incredible scale and close-up focus on the face. 

Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019Opera Gallery Masterpiece 2019

A stand-alone installation from the gallery can also be seen close to the Savills Lounge, showcasing '50" Icosahedron' by British-born, La-based artist Anthony James. The geometric globes have attracted lots of attention at the fair with their attractive display of light, visitors curiously walking around the pieces to attempt to peer further into the glass displays to see reflections.

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