Masterpiece 2018: Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Martyn White

Posted on July 03 2018

Examining the exchange of ideas between Western and non-Western cultures, Sundaram Tagore Gallery showcase some of their finest pieces at this year's Masterpiece Fair. 

Masterpiece returned to the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and with it, brought some of the finest brands, designers and galleries to showcase the vast collections of art, sculpture and design from across the globe. Selecting four of my favourite brand discoveries, I share the designs that caught my eye during the fair. The Sundaram Tagore Gallery was one of the first galleries to attract my attention and lure me to their stand with their wonderful collection of contemporary and abstract designs. 

Masterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Chun Kwang YoungMasterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Chun Kwang YoungMasterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Hiroshi Senju

It was the vibrant blue hues of Chun Kwang Young's work that caught my eye as I walked onto the stand. An incredible explosion of shards creating a gradation of colour, darkening as it reaches the edge. Upon closer inspection, these shards soften as it becomes apparent that they have been created from Korean mulberry paper, each piece intricately wrapped in string. What proves to be even more fascinating is the appearance of print on some of the segments, a subtle reference to the previous life and use of the paper before it transformed into a beautiful work of art. 

Taking centre stage was the work of Hiroshi Senju, a Japanese-born painter, internationally recognised for his sublime waterfall and cliff images. Whilst Senju's work is contemporary in appearance, there is a deep connection with tradition, creating works by using a thousand-year-old nihonga style of painting, applying pigments made from minerals, ground stone, shell and corals suspended in animal-hide glue which has then been poured onto mulberry paper to create the serene-scapes that we have come to admire.  

Masterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Zeng LuMasterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Zheng Lu

An oversized splash, frozen in time; Zheng Lu's work has been influenced by the detail of Chinese calligraphy. From a distance, the gravity-defying design appears like a splash of mercury, reflecting the light on its twisting surface. As the viewer inspects the work, the piece has actually been constructed from thousands of Chinese characters derived from texts and poems of historical significance. The fascinating process of creating each sculpture begins with a plaster base. Characters are laser cut into metal and in a similar method of linking chainmail; heat is used to connect the pictographs to support and shape the finished works. 

Masterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Edward BurtynskyMasterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Chun Kwang YoungMasterpiece Fair London Sundaram Tagore Gallery Chun Kwang Young

It was Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky's photography that struck a chord with the crowds. His work exhibited the human impact on nature through a series of photographs of industrial landscapes, deforestation, farming and quarrying. In a mesmerising twist, the photographs capture the beauty and innocence of a delicate ecosystem being manipulated by the human hand whilst highlighting the destruction that we are causing. 

The 2018 edition of Masterpiece has been one of the best yet, showcasing an impressive collection of traditional and contemporary artists unlike it has before. For further information on any of the works featured, click to visit the official Sundaram Tagore Gallery website, alternatively, to discover more on the Masterpiece Fair, click to be taken to the main website. 


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