Masterpiece 2018: Factum Arte

Martyn White

Posted on July 09 2018

Exhibiting striking contemporary sculpture, art and design, Factum Arte lure in the crowds at the 2018 edition of Masterpiece London.

One of my favourite exhibitors for 2018, I was immediately drawn into the Factum Arte stand for its unique curation of sculptural and artistic works. Upon closer inspection, many of the works are not as they first appear; be that through the use of a fascinating material or a piece that transforms in front of your very eyes.

It was Shezad Dawood's 'Where do we go now?" that caught my attention with its sparkling metallic resin finish. As I moved closer, part of the sculpture appeared to change colour. Fascinated with what. I had experienced, I walked to the other side to see the design transform from a metallic pink into a mesmerising green hue. 

Masterpiece London 2018 Factum ArteMasterpiece London 2018 Factum Arte

The works were inspired by the engravings and illustrations accompanying Jonathan Swift´s 1704 pamphlet of the same name. Swift´s work is a response to Thomas Hobbes´s Leviathan, one of the first treatises on the nature of legitimate government. In Dawood´s work, the whale represents the beast of the State, which threatens to destroy the vessel, prompting the sailors to throw overboard a barrel, representing their labour (or ‘capital’) to distract it. To create the fascinating finish, the model was 3D printed and cast in composite resin which was then coated with polychromatic paint.

Masterpiece London 2018 Factum ArteMasterpiece London 2018 Factum Arte

Other works to catch the eye were the glass re-creation of Antonio Canova’s sculpture, Paolina Borghese which was produced in collaboration with the designer Giberto Arrivabene and the 'Seven skulls of a Northern Bald Ibis' by Hrair Sarkissian. The works were 3D printed recreations of a real skull loaned to the artist from Zoo of Jerez de la Frontera in Southern Spain. The birds are now considered to be extinct with the last sighting of seven being seen in 2014.

It is always great to see a gallery showcasing works that challenge perceptions and that are not afraid to experiment with new technologies and materials to create the next generation of art. 

For further details on any of the works featured in the post, click to view the official Factum Arte website via the link.



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