ENORME Studio X VITAMIN-ARTE: Astral Bodies

Martyn White

Posted on April 28 2019

ENORME Studio in collaboration with VITAMIN-ARTE showcases 'Astral Bodies' at Superstudio during Milan Design Week. 

ENORME Studio collaborated with VITAMIN-ARTE during the 2019 edition of Milan Design Week showcasing its striking 'Astral Bodies' installation, inspired by the number of meteorites that hit the Earth's surface. Using FINSA Wood's new fibracolour MDF, the studios demonstrate the possibilities of the new material, using it in colourful layers to form the textured surfaces of the 'astral bodies' that reach Earth. Each of the sculptural objects has a name relating to the location in Spain that the meteorite landed. Auria, Baroña, Cervo, Èzaro, Allariz, Herbón, Elviña, Sálvora and Trevinca make up the Astral Bodies Exhibition, their finishes and colours inspired by the surroundings of the locations. 

Enorme Studio X Vitamin arte: Astral BodiesEnorme Studio X Vitamin arte: Astral BodiesEnorme Studio X Vitamin arte: Astral BodiesEnorme Studio X Vitamin arte: Astral Bodies

Mounted onto large black discs engraved with their names, visitors are invited to walk around the colourful forms and discover how their presence change with the shift in lighting and angle. Projected light from above also transforms the presence of the designs within the exhibition space, creating an exciting and informative experience. 

The 'Astral Bodies' exhibition showcased at Superstudio in Milan's Tortona district during the 2019 design week. For further information on the studios, click the links to visit the official websites of the ENORME and VITAMIN-ARTE studios.


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