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Martyn White

Posted on January 04 2020

Highlights, installations, and works on display at the 2019 edition of the Art Basel Miami Beach during Miami Art Week.

As one of the most internationally recognised and prominent art fairs, Art Basel is a brand that showcases works from galleries and artists around the world at three destinations a year; Basel in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Miami Beach in Florida. Now in its eighteenth year at Miami Beach, the show has pulled through a record number of visitors nationally and internationally and with it, a vast amount of publicity and news coverage from some unique works of art. Exhibiting works from 269 galleries that span 29 countries; discover a select few highlights and a video tour from this mammoth art fair below. 

Sheila Hicks at the Alison Jacques Gallery Art Basel MiamiSheila Hicks at Alison Jacues Gallery Art Basel MiamiSheila Hicks at the Alison Jacques Gallery Art Basel Miami

Alison Jacques Gallery

London-based Alison Jacques Gallery, specialising in contemporary arts, mesmerised the crowds with their vibrant array of artworks, containing everything from ceramics and textile to photography and paintings. It was the experimental weavings and sculptural textile art by Sheila Hicks that stopped passers-by in their tracks, enticing them in to discover more. Using bound linen, cotton and wool in a rich and vibrant collection of hues, each piece immediately grabbed attention with their luscious layering and impressive textures. 

Helly Nahmad Gallery New York, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art WeekHelly Nahmad Gallery New York, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art WeekHelly Nahmad Gallery New York, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week

Helly Nahmad Gallery

Exhibiting an elegant curation of works, New York-based Helly Nahmad Gallery paired vivid sculptures with painted canvases and mobiles on its beautiful show space. Stand-out pieces included four sculptural mobiles by Alexander Calder, one suspended from the ceiling, softly moving and spinning with the movement of the crowds below. 'Ciseaux I' the 1966 acrylic on canvas by French Artist and Sculptor Jean Dubuffet was a firm favourite, depicting a pair of scissors, the piece forms part of the more extensive 'Ustensiles Utopiques' collection that celebrates everyday objects. 

Art Basel Banana Miami Beach, Miami Art WeekPerrotin Galery, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week 2019

Perrotin Gallery

It was undoubtedly the Perrotin Gallery that received the most publicity from this year's art fair as it displayed Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan's 'Comedian', more commonly known as the 'Art Basel Banana'. Going viral on several social media platforms and receiving international news coverage before and after performance artist David Datuna ate it. Banana aside, the gallery played host to many other artist's works including the sculptural piece 'Blue Calcified Crystal Venus de Milo' by Daniel Arsham and a 1962 canvas by French abstract painter Georges Mathieu (featured).

neugerriemschneider, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week 2019neugerriemschneider, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week 2019neugerriemschneider, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week 2019


The weird, the wonderful and the intriguing - Berlin-based gallery neugerriemschneider; established by Tim Neuger and Burkhard Riemschneider, exhibited works by internationally recognised artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei and Michel Majerus to name a few. Inviting visitors to peer into a new kaleidoscopic world, Eliasson's 'Your Vanishing' sculpture resembled a futuristic set of binoculars. Eliasson's work even provided unique views of Ai Weiwei's latest creation 'strength'; a large iron sculpture cast from the roots of a tree positioned in the centre of the gallery space.   

Canada Gallery New York, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art WeekCanada Gallery New York, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week

Pilar Corrias

While many artists and galleries direct attention towards canvases on the walls or sculptures at eye level, London-based gallery Pilar Corrias uses the work of Philippe Parreno to draw attention upwards with the artist's orange-coloured speech bubble balloons on the ceiling. A beautiful colour theme of orange, purple and pinks run across the central gallery space, paired with canvas works such as Elizabeth Neel's abstract depictions of observations and still life as well as Cui Jie's unique geometric representation from the architecture of Chinese cityscapes.



Click on the video above to take a short tour and discover the installation and works from the galleries featured and more. 

Art Basel is the staple of Miami Art Week attracting art collectors and lovers from all over the world. It is a must-visit for all serious art lovers but can be quite overwhelming, especially on your first visit. The art fair is vast in scale and can take a full day (sometimes more) to see everything. The show primarily exhibits contemporary works and covers almost every medium one could possibly imagine, ensuring there is something for everyone. 



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